Dianna – will always miss you in body and always with you in spirit

I have just completed writing a book about my wife, Dianna and it is going through editing with my publisher. So, just as when Dianna died on February 20, 2008, I am facing another blank page now, wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

I decided to start this blog. An on line diary to keep me connected to one of my passions, writing. Who knows, it may lead to my next book. In any case, it will be fun.

Another passion I have is dogs. Since 1970, I have had nothing but Golden Retrievers and, while all dogs are good, this breed suits my temperament and have what I look for in a dog – if chosen well, they are great bird dogs – hunting has been another passion but waning a bit as I age – and GR’s rarely are interested in biting anyone, fighting with other dogs, love touching and, over the years, have taken good care of me, taking me for walks in places we both love to go and, most of all, continuing to teach me all I am open to learning.

An excerpt from my book, Dianna’s Way (to be available to the public hopefully by early summer), referring to my recently deceased GR, Chili:

The spectrum of knowledge a dog has is not congruent with our own so we deem them less intelligent. Fundamentally, I absolutely know this is not true. Truth is, we have barely a clue about what they know.

I do know, while Dianna lived in the Present almost all of the time and I am an occasional visitor, it was Chili’s default way of being in every moment. This creates a wisdom we simply do not understand, do not even realize we do not understand, and certainly have no way to language.

Well, I do not mean for this blog to be about dogs as such but about exploring the wisdom found along the blurry edges of our reality, about who we are, why we be here and what might be fun to do while we are here – here meaning in this particular reality, this game we call life.  And, from this perspective, we may use this blog to have a conversation about life as we live it and as we see it happening in the world, whether in society, politics, the environment – I might mention what I noticed walking in the woods today.

Soon, my next GR will be finding me. This morning, the thought occurred to me that I might be naming him Spirit.

Will see.

Chili - miss you still

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