Still hurts now and then, like a sudden hot summer breeze that whooshes through me, coming out of nowhere when I least expect it …..maybe a song, or catching a glimpse of her photo on my desk or just looking out the window at the lake and seeing Dianna in my mind’s eye, on her knees, extracting tiny weeds out of her flower garden and Chili nosing around nearby.

Both gone now.

It is a good hurt though.

The kind of hurt one has when what and who has been lost was magical and life altering. That is, a hurt with no regrets or malice – no wishing it never was – but, instead, feeling so grateful it was and that it was the way that it was.

They both taught me to live in a space of Gratitude and Appreciation ………….. and most of all, Love.

Life in this reality is composed of beginnings, middles and endings ….. so, life is about our stories …. and why we are so naturally and totally entranced by our stories, our own dramas. Nothing gets closer to our own truth than our own story ……… and yet nothing more effectively keeps us from seeing who we really are either.

OK though. Just part of The Game, the way it has been designed by the Designer ….. on Purpose, of course.

 Nothing to do but have fun with it.  🙂



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