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I am retired after completing two careers – one in chemical engineering and then a second in team-building/organizational development. I felt passionate about both careers, loved doing both while making a living for myself and my family, often wondering how someone could get paid to have so much fun. I was quite successful in both careers with plenty of accomplishments I can look back on with pride. And my family had food to eat and a warm place to sleep during our Michigan winters – life was kind.

Throughout all this, though, I always wanted to write but, with a family to support – three sons – I never felt it was practical to attempt writing as a career. Still, I did get a few articles and short stories published along the way – and now, in retirement, I have written a book – a memoir about this amazing woman who, luckily for me, choose me for her husband.

When she died in 2008, I thought, the world needs to know her story. The origin of the book came out of my adoration for her and the way she lived her life. So, I titled the book, Dianna’s Way. The book was published in 2012.

I love writing – it is how I discover what I feel and think, how I sort out what life means to me  . . . and there is another book buried in there.

So, why not share my writing with others? Why not create a blog and see what happens? If nothing else, it will be an online diary, a discipline to keep me writing, read only by me.

~ John Catanacci

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Dianna - Midland, Mi 1990

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  1. Hello there,
    First thing: sorry for my bad english.
    Second thing: I’m curious about your logo ( the vectorial dog face), I’m using it for several years for my g mail account, but I do not seem to remember having taken it from you. Did you draw it?. I’m not interested in copyright or whatelse, just curious. I’m a dog lover too, I have three dogs. I appreciate your work, I like that logo so much, it is the best rappresentative of my inner soul and my connection with dogs and their spirituality.
    I would like to make a patch and attach it to my motorcycle jacket. Can I do that?
    Best regards. Mattia from Italy.

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