Blog post #2 –  March 10, 2012

Well, did not think it would go this way but it is. Intended to get a rescue dog – at my age and for the amount of time I spend hunting anymore, I no longer need a hunting wonderdog but simply my new best friend.

A given it would be a golden retriever – long ago learned this breed solves 90% of any problems I would be likely to have with aggression, temperament, tendency to stick with me in all situations, trainability, desire to please, touch ability (I like to be touched and like to touch), and more.

I also knew it would be a male. Why? I really don’t know. What I have always wanted, always had – like the energy of a male somehow.

But, why not rescue one rather than go out and get a brand new one? Well, this was my plan all along ……………. and then I tried to do it.  Turns out, not so easy – long interview forms to fill out, contracts (some of them with ridiculous clauses), all require likely physically fenced yards (which I do not have and do not intend to have) unless the dog being adopted is 22 years old with three legs (exaggerating but the allowed adoption list drops dramatically without a fence) and the choices seemed pretty limited as it was. I don’t blame those who run these programs and am grateful they exist – just not a good fit for me I guess.

Besides, every dog born, once born, needs to be “rescued” – that is, needs an owner. The difference, one might say, is a true rescue dog will be put down if someone does not step up. Not really true with vast majority of Golden Retrievers – unless they have an aggression problem or severely medically compromised (in which case, I am not willing to take them on either), they all find homes easily. No surprise.

So ………….. went back to the top flight, very responsible  breeder (check her out at I have used twice before and as the universe has designed it, she has two litters on the way as we speak. I could have pick of the litter from one of them and all my requirements were instantly met – male dog, good longevity history (there are NO guarantees in life – I didn’t come with one either), will carry warrantees for hips and all the usual stuff, and available in late June …………… could be almost exactly a year from the date Chili (my last dog/GR) died. Is he reincarnating? Would be fine with me. If this puppy refuses to swim, I will know it is him. J

I will name him Spirit Dog.

Spirit for short.

Pretty excited



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