Gradually, I am discovering what this blog is about ….

I am exploring what brings meaning to life – my life anyway – by writing about it – and, by publishing it, inviting others to travel along on this journey either as an observer or as a participant by commenting.

So, today, I will begin like this:

Passion points me toward meaning.

What I feel passionate about provides meaning to my life, my reasons for staying a bit longer in this reality.  Otherwise, why be here?

There are no “shoulds” where passion lives. Obligations, duties, what others want or expect, the maintenance doing of life, while all important, do not live here either.

Passion is whatever excites me, move me to action, makes me want to get up in the morning. These days, I feel more passionate than ever. Meaning I am more excited by life than ever.

Right now, my passions are:

  • The book I just finished about my deceased wife, Dianna, called Dianna’s Way (currently in editing, to be published in early summer) – I want as many people who may gain value from reading her story to know it exists – so my next job is to publicize it as well as I can.
  • This new dog I am adding to my life. Already named, Spiritdog will be born in early May and we will join up near the end of June.
  • And, this blog, a novel (for me) way to investigate the meaning of life, and my life.

[The name for this blog came first, by the way. The naming of my dog, Spiritdog, came later – at least in my consciousness. 🙂 ] 

In my next post, I will continue along this theme. Enough for today.

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